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Newborn Physical Examination

The narrated examination instructional video features babies from different ethnicities. The step by step examination criteria provides medical students, family medicine residents, midwives and newborn infant care givers immediate benefit from Dr. Hart's training and experience.

    More than 50 examination demonstrations including:
  • Anterior & posterior fontanelle
  • Facies, syndromic features, Clefts, Red reflex
  • Murmurs, split in second heart sound, auscultation of PMI, pulses, brachial & femoral.
  • Umbilical area, kidneys, liver, spleen
  • Arms, hands, feet, legs
  • Suck, facial movement symmetry, palmar grasp, plantar grasp
  • Gestational assessment (6 areas)

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This detailed instructional video is intended for third or fourth year medical students, first year pediatric, medicine-pediatric or family medicine residents, midwives, pediatric nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

A Time Saving Tool!
This instructional video is valuable for time constrained mentors and teachers. Instead of the instructor repeatedly demonstrating the physical examination, each new medical student can view the video independently, saving mentors many hours per week.

Cephalohematoma, Caput Succedaneum, DDH
The video includes diagrams and a detailed description of the difference between Cephalohematoma and Caput Succedaneum. Dr. Hart describes Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH) as well as providing an in-depth, step by step, demonstration for diagnosing DDH using the Ortolani maneuver.

Length and Head Circumference
Dr. Hart shows the mechanics of measuring an infant's body length and head circumference. She also provides a formula for calculating the relationship of head circumference to body length for a normal newborn.

Preview Video Clips!
If you have interest in seeing some short video clips, click the following links: The video clips are in Microsoft Windows Media Player Video format (.WMV). Note: Because the video files were made small for fast transmission/download, the video and audio quality is poor.

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