20th Reunion (1999) H. W. Schroeder Class of 1979
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Next Reunion
06/24/08 - New Official HWS 1979 Runion Web Site: tbayer.com/hws1979

Thank you,
The 2009 Reunion Committee

You Are Responsible For Finding Us
We are taking this opportunity to pass on the following, which is important for any Next Reunion:

There are 311 HWS Class Of 1979 graduates who have been changing their names and have been moving all over the planet Earth. It seemed like just about everyone from the HWS Class of 1979 had entered the Federal Witness Protection Program.

It is WAY too time intensive and effort intensive for a small group of folks (5 or 6 people) on a reunion team to deal with daily life, job and family responsibilities and to track down all 311 of you name changing globetrotters.

For all Next Reunion, each of you, individually, should take it upon yourself to find out about HWS High School reunions. It is real simple for you, individually, to find out about reunion information. It is VERY difficult for a reunion team to find each of you. In the future, you can probably get reunion information from any of the following sources. The sources below are prioritized, with the best source listed first:

    Reunion Contact Points
  1. Contact other H.W. Schroeder 1979 classmates.
  2. Check this page, http://members.aol.com/hws1979 or the Webster Alumni web site: www.websteralumni.org.
  3. Contact the Webster Senior High School Administration Office.
  4. Check the Webster Herald.
  5. Check the Webster Post.
  6. Check the Rochester D&C newspaper.

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A Purple and Gold Thank You!

The 20th year reunion was an unmitigated success!

During the course of the reunion, I would thank those that had assisted in the tasks necessary for the weekend festivities. Sometimes people would say, "You are welcome. But I didn't do very much."

Actually, you folks did a lot. Each task you addressed was one more item that Lauren and I did not have to deal with and that was of tremendous value to us. Thank you.

There were a lot of people involved in making this reunion the success it was. Perhaps, many more than you are aware. Take a look at the list below. Some of these people were farther behind the scenes than others, but all were extremely important. I hope that I remembered all the names.
    Lauren (Lipani) Nathan
  • Event coordination
  • P.I. (Private Investigator) and phone contacts
  • Baby sitting arrangements
  • Arts and crafts for babysitting tables
  • ID badge creation
  • Soda
  • Ice
  • Coolers
  • Picnic munchies
  • Registration table
  • Picnic financing
    Mike Amico
  • P.I. (Private Investigator) and phone contacts
    Nancy (Delany) Winans
  • P.I. and phone contacts
    Cathy (Tichacek) Faulisi
  • P.I. and phone contacts
    Bob Brunner
  • P.I. and phone contacts
    Liz (Phillips) Christensen
  • P.I. and phone contacts
    Mary Beth (Mayer) Doyle
  • P.I. and phone contacts
    Bernice Bayer
  • Registration table
    Mary (Gilmartin) Bradley
  • 10 year reunion contact information
  • 10 year IDs and badges
  • P.I. and phone contacts
  • Picnic setup
  • Registration table
  • Picnic Tear down
    Bitsy (Mueller) Capozzi
  • P.I. and phone contacts
  • Collection of donations for door prizes
    Peg (Gilmartin) Brayer
  • P.I. and phone contacts
    Mark Lewis
  • Picnic setup
  • Picnic tear down
    Eren (Erdag) Hart
  • Provided typed HWS 1979 class list
  • Picnic setup
  • Video
  • Pickup truck
  • (Sunday morning) picnic tear down and clean up
    John Semmler
  • Flat bed truck
  • Picnic setup
    John Sawyer
  • Picnic setup
    Mark Falzone
  • Picnic setup
    Alix (James) Kocher
  • Picnic setup
    Rob Jackson
  • Picnic setup
  • Picnic garbage can detail - An unpleasant and typically a thankless job. But not this time - THANK YOU!
  • Picnic tear down
    Pete Christensen
  • Soda and ice run
    Darlene Boyce
  • Soda and ice run
    Marty Flood
  • Keg(s) pickup and delivery
  • Keg Tap
  • Keg ice tub #1
  • 10 lb. sledg hammer
    Ken Smith
  • Firehouse Pavilion reservation
  • Keg ice tub #2
  • Keg insulation blankets
  • Volleyball and stakes
  • 2 lb. sledg hammer
    John Greenwald
  • Volleyball net
    Joe Occipinti
  • Friday night Pizza Hut outing - The surprise grins and giggles outing of the weekend!
    Uncounted others (You know who you are, but I don't):
  • The P.I.s at large - Tracking down classmates and phone contacts

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Recap of 20th Reunion Events
Event Date Details
Golfing Friday July 23, 1999
  • When: 10:00 AM
  • Where: Webster West Golf Course, Salt Rd. Webster.
  • Price: $20.00 for 18 holes (Includes cart)
  • Contact: Tim Bayer. Payment due by July 7th; Phone: (716) 671-7656. Email: tbayer@frontiernet.net
Dew Drop Inn Friday July 23, 1999
  • What: Just drop in. Say hello to old friends. Catch up on what has happened in the last 20 years. Tell, "Remember when..." anecdotes. Trade new stories, experiences and wisdom. Smile, joke, laugh, reminisce, have fun.
  • When: 7:00 PM until Oh-dark-thirty.
  • Where: Flaherty's Three Flags Inn, 1200 Bay Rd. Webster. (Yeah! As if you really needed the address to find Flags…)
  • Price: Buy your own drinks - Cost will depend on how thirsty you are, or perhaps by how many beers you owe (or are due) from playing golf.
Picnic Saturday July 24, 1999
  • When: 2:00 PM until we leave.
  • Where: The pavilion behind the West Webster Firehouse Station #1, 1051 Gravel Rd.
  • Price (plastic wristband): $15.00 adults (children 12yrs and under included); $7.00 children (13yrs and up)
    NOTE: Baby sitting will be available for the time slot of 2:00 PM until 7:00 PM and must be reserved ahead of time for an additional flat rate of $5.00 per child. Baby-sitting after 7:00PM, will be on a pay per hour basis.
    Picnic/baby-sitting tickets must be purchased by July 7th. Contact: Lauren (Lipani) Nathan (716) 264-0428 RNSA@sprintmail.com
  • (It is impossible to guess at attendance numbers. We want to insure that we have enough food and beverages for all. Therefore, we will be giving out plastic wristbands for the picnic. Be advised, if you do not have a wrist band you will not be able to get food or beverages.)
  • Food catered by Charlie's; Dinner at 5:00 PM
  • Hamburgs/ cheeseburgs, Veggieburgs (We will need a count for V-burgers. If you want V-burgers you will have to specifically tell us.), hot dogs, Italian sausage with peppers/onions.
  • Potato chips, macaroni salad and baked beans
  • Cookies
  • Soda, beer
  • Awards [secret criteria ;-) ] and perhaps a raffle.
  • Basketball, Softball, Volleyball, bring Frisbees
  • HWS 1979 teachers, HWS class of 1978 students and HWS class of 1980 students are welcome to stop by to say hello after 6:30 PM Saturday night.

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List of those Missing In Action
Update: Successfully contacted 188 people as of January 24, 2002.

Below is a list of the people that we were not able to contact.

Austin, Michael Baker, Carolyn R. Baruch, Walter H. Belecz, Suzanne
Bergeson, Kevin James Bielz, Martha A. Blais, Rose Rachael Boddery, Barbara Ann
Breeden, Jeffrey Brown, Cindi Lou Brown, Delroy Bundschuh, Bryan
Burr, Carla Burton, Jeffrey M. Calcagno, David T. Canatore, Annette F.
Cardoni, Nancy Ann Castell, Susan L. Colombo, Janine Mary Commisso, John
Conway, Carol M. Cooper, Paul Coughlin, Karen A. Craft, Daniel C.
Cripps, Jennifer B. Cuminale, Joan Curtis, Janice M. D'Angelo, Frank A.
DeMallie, Cheryl C. DeVries, Steven DiMora, Michael P. Dinse, Kathleen M.
Distler, Rickey J. D'Orazio, Michelle M. Dunham, John  
Engles, Earl W. Fortner, Brian Frank, Debra J. Frank, Julie E.
Freundschuh, Thomas L. Furguson, Debora Giordano, Susan Anne Godfrey, David J.
Guidice, Stephen F. Haas, Steven B. Haitz, James M. Hall, Beth Arlene
Hall, Roger Hammann, Lisa Ann Harisis, Christos G. Harloff, Paul R.
Hill, Marilyn Ann Howing, Renee Huussen, Jake B. Hyman, Karen Marie
Jennings, Brian H. Jones, Jeffrey T. King, Alan R. Knopp, Mark J.
Lancaster, Amelia R. Lassial, Cheryl Lynn Legasse, Lorilyn A. Madalena, Juanita L.
Mancini, Mary Catherine Mayo, Pamela J. Mazzarella, James R. McCombs, Michael P.
McMullen, Melissa Anne Mellott, Julienne M. Micsak Timothy Miles Keith W.
Miller, Guy M. Minchak, J. Andrew Mintz, Karen J. Mulye, Marsha D.
Napoletano, Michael S. Naylor, Jeffrey P. Netzman, Jan M. O'Dell, Carol A.
Olmstead, David S. Olmstead, Linda S. Parente, Loretta J. Pensgen, Donna L.
Poore, Mark A.   Richards, Michele Rosenbauer, Dale
Sanders, Donna Schaefer, Sally L. Schnepf, Steven H. Shaw, Barbara
St. George, Jacqueline Swink, Dawn E. Taft, Cynthia J.  
Thrall, Christine J. Toomey, Michael J. Torun, Emine Pelin Turner, Terri Elizabeth
Uhl, Tami Marie Vainshtein, Inga VanDerWall, Evan Mark VanHouten, Mary Katherine
Wandersee, Susan Ann Whitbourne, Gail Mary Wilson, Sherri DiAnn Wilson, Stephen E.
Wroblewski, Bruce Wyman, Robert A. Zimmerman, Michael Zogg, Andrew B.

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