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Webster Schroeder Class of 1979 Reunion
Welcome to the official site for H. W. Schroeder Class of 1979 reunion information.

Remember - You Are Responsible For Finding Us.
It is WAY too resource intensive for a small group of folks to deal with daily life, job and family responsibilities and to track down all 311 of you name-changing (and email changing) globetrotters. Each of you, individually, should take it upon yourself to find out about HWS 1979 High School reunions. This site may be a good source. However you should contact classmates for current information.

35 Year Reunion WAS at Flags
Saturday, October 11, 2014

    The gathering at Flags went wonderfully well. In case you missed attending, or did attend but were wondering who was there, Eren (Erdag) Hart composed a list of attendees from memory. For the list of names, Eren used the familiar high school surnames:

    Tim Bayer
    Eren Erdag
    Scott Fenton
    Tim Fox
    Nancy Guy
    Mike Garbin
    Joe Occhipinti
    Chuck Pignato
    Dave Ross
    Ralph Terulli
    Dave Travis
    Chuck White
    Don Powell
    Lauren Barco
    Guylaine Cosentino
    Nancy Delaney
    Donna DiVita
    Lisa Gascoigne
    Susan Gibney
    Mary Gilmartin
    Peg Gilmartin
    Sue Kamb
    Carol Leszyk
    Laurie Latona
    Laurie Mark
    Mary Beth Mayer
    Larry Angell
    Laurie McGuire
    Gia Noto
    Liz Phillips
    Cynthia Rittenhouse
    Maryann Snaki
    Julie Stien
    Kim Telero
    Cathy Tichacek

PIctures from Flags, Saturday, October 11, 2014 (compliments of Elizabeth (Phillips) Christensen). Click images to enlarge.

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