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"Flying an Octopus" video

The DVD contains more than 110 minutes of content.

In addition to the 56 minute "Flying An Octopus" documentary, there is 55 minutes of additional footage including balloon twisting instruction by the balloon artists, interviews and out-takes.

Balloon Sculpture Details:
Balloon artist Larry Moss and professional pilot John Ninomiya teamed up to create the world's First Piloted Latex Balloon Sculpture, the Fantastic Flying Octopus. The sculpture, piloted by Ninomiya, took off from Sodus Point, NY, and floated above Sodus Bay. After a flight as high as 1,000 feet, Ninomiya released the sculpture to float back down and then he landed atop a boat.

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5-Minute Summary Video
Flying an Octopus (4.0MB)
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Balloon Sculpture Statistics:

  • World Record attempt: First Piloted Latex Balloon Sculpture
  • Total height and width of octopus sculpture: 25' H x 100' W x 100' D
  • Combined height of octopus sculpture, pilot, and cluster balloons: 50' tall
  • # of Qualatex® brand latex balloons: 18,000
  • # of 5' and 7' latex balloons in bouquet: 72
  • Estimated helium required: 10,000 cubic feet
  • Man hours for construction: 700
  • Amount of lift provided by the bouquet: Total of 400 pounds (200 pounds to lift John and the harness; 75 pounds for the balloons and rigging; 125 pounds for ballast)
  • Altitude reached: about 1,000 feet
  • Construction site: New Horizon's Yacht Harbor, Sodus Point, NY, USA
  • Construction began: Monday, July 14, 2003
  • Launch site: Oscar Fuerst Field, Sodus Point, NY, USA
  • Launch time: 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 19, 2003
  • Balloon sculptor: Larry Moss of Fooled Ya! (http://www.fooledya.com) in Rochester, NY, along with a team of 10 international balloon artists
  • Pilot: John Ninomiya (http://www.clusterballoon.org ) of Solana Beach, CA, USA

What folks have been saying about the video:
Subject: Octopus Video

This video is fantastic! I took Larry's class at T&S just expecting to be entertained. I knew about the octopus when it was happening and so I wanted to get the inside scoop. Well, let me tell you this is one greatest bargains around - sort of like the sleeper film that goes to win all the awards. Seriously.

It's amazing what they've done. Just the story alone is fascinating, and the videographer did a great job of capturing the personalities of the crew. I laughed out loud a lot and wished again that I had been there.

I originally thought I wasn't really going to learn anything - when would I ever fly a huge balloon sculpture? Wrong. They explain the techniques they used - everything from the wall technique to the little stuff like the technique used on the eyes in the ballonicature of Larry. There's also a bunch of extra comic stuff (of course) and an extra commentary by Tim Bayer and Larry Moss (love those DVDs) which I've yet to listen to but this will definitely happen.

This tape is worth it for the entertainment value but the techniques covered are worth more than I paid for the DVD. This is one of the best purchases I made at T&S and I'll use the techniques again and again - I use the flat weave every day as it is.

Good job, Larry and crew - I'm looking forward to the next one.

Laura Dakin
The Balloon Diva !
Balloons and Beyond
"The DVD Video Documentary of the Flying Octopus Sculpture is finally here! I watched it all last weekend and it is amazing. It was wonderful to watch the sculpture develop and inspiring to see it fly. The director's commentary is most informative. And there are instructions for all of the techniques used to make this sculpture.

While you may not be making a sculpture quite this size, the cost of the video is worth the sculpture techniques you will learn. You could be selling sculptures to your customers using these techniques!"

Continental Sales
800-350-4386 Sacramento, CA
Wholesale to the Professional Balloon Artist

"... the DVD is wonderful. I watched the main show and bonus features this morning and enjoyed every moment. I look forward to the Village being able to feel proud, as it is well represented in the video ...

Altogether, it was even a more beautiful experience than I was aware. Seeing the personalities interact and the amount of work, planning and science that went into it from the documentary perspective helped further enrich my memories. I really hadn't seen how sophisticated some elements of the project were until now and those nautically themed accessories where even more fantastic than I had noticed.

The personalities of the participants were also very enjoyable and entertaining. I'm sure everyone who purchased the product will be very pleased ..."

Andrew Ramsey
Hi Tim,

I got the package in the mail the other day, thank you. My wife and I watched the Flying an Octopus DVD last night and found it to be very entertaining. You did an outstanding job with the production as it was top notch and very professional. Heck, you should submit that to the Discovery Channel or the like. Congrats on another job well done.

Brian Unger

WOW!!! We just watched your video for the first time. Unbelievable! ... Ethan says, “This is TRULY outstanding!”

Alice Irwin
Contributing Writer, The Sun & Record
Hello Tim,

I received the DVD and finally had a chance to watch it. What an amazing stunt! It was really very interesting to watch all the hard work that goes into something like that. It was a really fun video to watch. I only wish that I was there to witness it in person. Please let me know if you ever plan to fly another sculpture. I would really be interested to see it!

All the best,


(Excerpt from posting on www.BalloonHQ.com)

Subject: Flying An Octopus..WOW!

I finally had the time to sit and watch this oh so interesting and inspiring Balloon Adventure DVD and it was GREAT! I never thought it would have been so much fun to watch but it was. I even broke into loud laughter more then once.

The interviews and the extra bits were fun to watch, the movie was very well done. The camera man made you feel like you were right there in the barn with the balloon parts hanging around, and they showed a lot! It moved quickly, it told the story well, it was fun!

They included some instructional parts which I got a lot from ...

I also enjoyed hearing the many different people teaching, it made it have more depth to the movie.

Sheree Brown-Rosner
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