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"Tim Bayer's Adventure Bound Hawaii" video

If you walk away from the modernized cities and towns, the natural beauty of Hawaii awaits. Our group took the initiative and our effort uncovered adventures hidden in Hawaii.

    Tim Bayer's Adventure Bound Hawaii includes:
  • A hike to World War II defensive "pill boxes" poised 500 feet above the beach.
  • Myriad gorges, water falls and freshwater pools on "The Road to Hana".
  • Rocky cavities on the Maui Shorline produce wave powered water spouts and blowholes.
  • Walking and swimming through lava caves.
  • Visiting beaches comprised of yellow, red or black sand.
  • A bamboo forest blocks out sunlight on the trial to a 400 foot waterfall.
  • On Maui's tallest volcano, it is possible to coast downhill on a bicycle for more than 20 miles.
  • If one knows where to look, there is a secluded swimming hole in a petrified lava peninsula.
Follow the journey off the beaten path as this group is Adventure Bound in Hawaii.

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The DVD has Bonus Footage!
Included on the DVD is:

  • A morning Powered Parachute flight over the fog of Letchworth State Park
  • Music montage of the images of Hawaiian photographer Rob Ratkowski Photography
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